Why should I use goalgami?

Why should I use goalgami?


goalgami is an educational, decision-making tool that helps individuals and families set concrete, measurable financial goals. goalgami also helps users understand how to trade-off these goals when necessary, in order to form a realistic, sustainable financial plan.

goalgami can help you:

  • Take control of your finances in a new, engaging, informative way.
  • Quantify and prioritize your goals.
  • Make educated decisions about near-term and long-term spending, needs vs. wants, and spending vs. savings.
  • Understand that a Household Balance Sheet is a more effective way to manage and measure your finances.

Aspire Higher

goalgami can help you live within your means today, and live out your wildest dreams tomorrow. Knowledge is power -- in financial planning and in life. Understanding how your current lifestyle and spending habits affect your future goals and living situation is huge. It could mean the difference between sending your kids to a community college versus an Ivy League university. Or setting your sights on retiring at age 55 instead of 65.

Firm Up Your Future

There's an old adage that says, "You can't manage what you don't measure." We couldn't agree more! Whether you're saving for an upcoming wedding, a kitchen renovation, or retirement (early or otherwise), goalgami can help you take control of your financial future by measuring where you're at right now. Once you understand the financial impact of your lifelong goals and aspirations, then you'll be able to take the proper steps in order to make them a reality.

No Fees

goalgami is a totally FREE service provided by Advisor Software Inc. Unlike other financial planning websites, we’re not going to pull the "bait-and-switch" tactic on you. You know how it goes: being lured in with free basic features, and later being seduced into the buying premium features you really want or need. goalgami is free and always will be.